Interior design wedding list
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[title type=”h2″ align=”center”]interior design wedding list[/title]

marriage is a major event in our lives and through a wedding gift we can share the joy of the bride and groom, becoming part of their memories in years to come.

through the L2GSHOP wedding list :

  • anyone, from anywhere in the world can share this joy with a gift that is going to be appreciated
  • everyone can contribute according their own means by buying a specific gift or participating with a share

For the bride and groom it works really easily: just start a project as described below and list in the details also all the products not available on the website. The L2G catalogue offers a much wider and more varied range of specific solutions for the wedding list.

[icon_feature icon=”hb-moon-cart-plus” icon_position=”left” title=”the selection of products” align=”left” border=”yes” animation=”right-to-left”]browse in the shop, choose the interior design products you like and click on ADD (or on OPTIONS if the products are available in several variations) [/icon_feature]

[icon_feature icon=”hb-moon-search-3″ icon_position=”left” title=”confirmation” align=”left” border=”yes” animation=”right-to-left”]once you have chosen your gifts, just login to your shopping basket to make any changes and click on send the project[/icon_feature]

[icon_feature icon=”icon-edit” icon_position=”left” title=”specific requests” align=”left” border=”yes” animation=”right-to-left”]after registering on our site, you can specify the time, brands and anything else you wish in order to make your luxury tour unique. We will contact you with our solutions. [/icon_feature]