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[title type=”h2″ align=”center”]interior design rendering[/title][spacer]

In the interior design sector it is often quite difficult to visualise how a particular item of furniture would fit into an existing environment and it is even more difficult to visualise furnishings that you have only seen in photographs and sketched onto a flat, 2D floorplan.

These difficulties make selling furniture online an arduous task. Of course, if we manage to happen upon a particular item, online purchasing becomes far simpler: it’s enough to know the measurements, to search and place an order, and have the desired item home-delivered.

At L2G, however, we believe that it should be possible for customers to purchase not only single items, but whole environments designed according to their own tastes and requirements.

We have therefore developed a very simple system which collates the necessary components to create a 3D interior design rendering, based on the floorplans customers send to us after choosing their preferred furnishings.

[title type=”h2″ align=”center”]how to request a personalised rendering in 3 clicks[/title]

choosing furnishings

Visit our shop and search for the furnishings and environments that best fit your tastes and requirements. Navigation is very simple and intuitive: you may search by category, brand, type of furnishing or search for a specific collection using the search box.

Whenever you find furnishings or an environment to your liking, click ADD (or click OPTIONS if multiple versions of the item are available).

Just as you would go about purchasing items on any other website.

You may add as many items as you would like to your project. You will then be able make a more precise selection.

checking and confirmation

once you have given free rein to your creative spirit and added everything you found inspiring to your project, wherever you are on the website, you can click on one of the ‘add to basket’ icons displayed in the image below.



launching your project

At this point you will be presented with a screen featuring a summary of your choices and all that’s left to do is click on PROJECT:



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attaching and sending your floorplan

If you have not already done so, you will be asked to register on the website and immediately afterwards you will be able to fill out the form displayed in this image by specifying your requests and attaching the floorplan.

We will receive all of this information and will contact you if we require any further details. We will send you the rendering using your chosen floorplan and furnishings.

All that’s left is for you to try it out..!

[title type=”special-h3″ align=”center”]some of our latest renderings[/title]
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